Carb Cycling for cut?

  1. Carb Cycling for cut?

    Is this a good idea?
    I would have 2 high carb days, 2 moderate carb days, and 3 low carb days

    Protein would stay at 210g per day fats at 58g per day carbs would flucuate depending on the day
    High days - 230-250g
    Moderate days - 185g
    Low days-135 or less

    Current stats 23 years old 5'6 been stuck at 188-190 lbs so trying to change it up

  2. I use 5 high days 2-300g for me and the rest low days < 120g off season I have one to two cheats a week, I'm 13 weeks out right now and the fat is melting off I'm actually ahead of sched so we are implementing at least one refeed per week. Carb cycling works wonders for bulking and cutting!

    Bean's 1st contest prep (Lecheek last 8 weeks)

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