Confused and Lost in the world of cutting/bulking

  1. Confused and Lost in the world of cutting/bulking

    Hey guys, first post so please bear with me and go easy here.

    I've always been a tad confused with the world of how much you should eat when trying to build muscle and how much to eat when you're cutting.

    Personally speaking, I've never really liked the idea of all out 'bulking'. I tend to opt for calorie controlled 'lean gain diets' with high protein content. Recently I've achieved some really good strength/size gains at the gym, all be it with some fat retention to go along side. Now I'd love to strip some fat whilst still trying to gain lean muscle. I've read a lot of different articles and they are just making me more confused.

    My current stats are as follows:

    6 ft 1
    Around 12-14% bf

    In an ideal and natural world, I'd love to simultaneously build muscle and strip fat to around 7-9%. What sort of calorie requirements would help me achieve this, and what breakdown of protein/carbs/fats?? I'm sorry if this has been asked a million times, but as of now, I could do with some direct responses.

    My plan right is to have about a 2150-2250 calorie intake a day. Lift 4x per week. No idea of exact calorie break-down, but keep protein intake above 240g a day. And keep a fairly low carb intake if energy levels allow.

    I'm currently taking grenade thermo, so it'll help with the energy levels.

    Thanks in advance!!

  2. I was looking into performing some HIIT to go alongside my regular lifting routine. So opinions on this and the frequency would be ideal.

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