fast weight loss with weekly surplus refeed

  1. fast weight loss with weekly surplus refeed

    Anyone tried this approach to fat loss?

    I usually stick to 1lb a week (500 Cal's deficit every day) but this cut I seem to be able eat less and do more cardio without feeling like I'm starving myself.

    I'm roughly losing 1.5/2lb a week but this time I'm having a weekly refeed at 200 above maintenance, eating mainly carbs.

    Its feeling pretty good. Just wonder if anyone has tried this long term and seen any difference in results? Especially as retaining muscle is concerned?

  2. I've ran successful cuts using this method. I would keep spot on diet throughout the week and have my cheat day where I would eat above maintenance. As far a muscle goes its gonna be hard not to loose some especially at such a raid weight loss of 1.5 lbs/week

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