Best exercises to do while injured

  1. Best exercises to do while injured

    I recently got injured on a deployment now I have nerve damage in my right arm and can't really use it to well yet.(I can't lift, hold weights, do push-ups, anything really) I just do legs, some cardio(bike, can't run too long w/o arm hurting) and some abs.

  2. Sorry to hear of your injury man! A similar thing happened to me where I pulled a nerve and was out for 6 months.

    I found that dieting is the most important aspect of staying in shape. Did your doctor tell you you can still lift? Focus on legs right now, squating, leg extensions, calves. There's a ton of leg excersices you can do. They'll keep your test levels high.
    Ill attach a photo of me the day I got approved to workout by the doc and 3 months later (taken 3 weeks ago). Just keep at it man!

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  3. Just keep doin what your doin.. Build them trunks.z squat 3x a week try a bunch of different variations. Theres so many you cant get bored and in a few month youll have some tree trunks thhat provide a nice suppirt for your upper body work

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