Need help getting hips smaller

  1. Need help getting hips smaller

    Well this is my 1st post Ill just ask here. I been at it for about 3 yrs now but this yr is by far my best year so 25 yrs old about 225 @19.5%bf 5'9".Im completely natural, cant even take caffeine...:/ Im currently still bulking and I got some good size BUT there is one thing. My ass/hips are pretty damn big .44" damnnnn lol. My measurements off the top of my head all with no pump relaxed not flexin... 18.5"arms, 17" neck, 7"wrists, 47.5" chest, 38" waist, 27" quads, 13.5" forearms, 16" calves. If this is not the thread to post it in i apologize as this is my 1st post. My question is if there is any advice someone can give me to reduce size in my hips/ass without loosing muscle mass. Both my parents have big hips so maybe its just genetics? I eat pretty good for the most part.

  2. Diet.

    Lose Bf %.

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  3. Quote Originally Posted by runner_79 View Post

    Lose Bf %.

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    Well i'm currently bulking... im usually at around this bf% when i bulk but even still when i get down to 10-12% my hips/ass is still 40-42"...

    heres my current diet

    meal 1- real gains

    meal 2- 3-4 whole eggs, 6 egg whites, 1 cup oatmeal, 1/4 cup blue berries

    meal 3-2 cans tuna, 3 slices wheat bread

    meal 4- 1 cup 2% milk, 2 tbsp peanut butter, 1/4 cup oatmeal, 1/2 banana, 2 scoops whey

    meal 5- (post-workout) 2 scoops whey, 1 plain bagel with jelly

    meal 6- usually 7-8 oz chicken breast, with whatever carb i have...sometimes sweet patatoe, regular patotoes, brwon rice, white rice,yogurt etc

    only supp i take is no xplode caffeine free, and just added yesterday 3g kre alkalyn to my post work out shake.

    advice is greatly appreciated since i would like to possibly compete this summer for my 1st time, but cant do it with a huge ass lol.

  4. Have you tried dropping your carbs or carb cycling? How much cardio are you doing?

  5. Try cutting any soy from your diet. You got to check the ingredients of processed foods too as they may contain soy.



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