Hey guys my names Keaton i love the site and and this is my first post i get so much info on the forums yall do such a great job here! This is a 2 part question I'm starting this new stack to get cut again because my girl and i just had a son and i gained allot of weight i m 5'11 and 22 years old And in college i played lacrosse for Texas atm and i was ripped at 180 I'm now 220-225 baby weight i guess lol anyway for my 8 week cycle I'm taking compound 20 the new oep erase pro and alpha t2 along with protein and such! My first question is how world y'all recommend doing the doses should i just follow the recommended directions on each bottle and second question is how can i counter act me losing muscle while doing this because i know I'm going to be losing some mucsle im just want to know if i can counter act it!

Sorry if thus sounds alittle dumb this is just my first Stack and would love as much info as possible

Diet wise I'm looking to syick to 2300 Cal a day plus i eat Pretty healthy any way plus i work out from 4 to 6 am along with running every other day rest Saturday and sunday but i still run on those days any suggestions would be great

Thanks guys