I have seen a lot of different posts similar tot his but can't seem to find a straight, no nonsense answer. They all end up very scientific and hard to understand. so here it is:

From three different sources, my bmr averages out to just about 2000 cals a day. The info I keep seeing is to cut or bulk one needs to eat more or less than your bmr. I am currently lifting 3-4 times per week, focussing on the compound lifts, followed by some isolation exercises. I do 4 sets @ 5- 8 reps. I try to stay around 80% of my 1RM. My question is... should I drop my calories by the average suggested 300 even though I am lifting and doing some moderate cardio? I feel like with that I wouldn't need to drop them at all or at least by a smaller amount to see results. Same question but reversed on the bulk side. again the average i have sen on most posts suggest 300-500 over maintenance. So should I only eat that amount or should i consume even more do to the cals burned during lifting? thanks and sorry for the long winded question.