1. Bodyopus

    I was thinking about buying this book. Does anyone have it? And if so what do you think of the diet? Plus how is it diffrent then Lyle Macdonald diet?

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    BodyOpus refers to a CKD described in some detail in a book by Dan Duchaine. It contains his recommendations on the diet, supplement and exercise suggestions and a good amount of detail on the mechanics of the diet and exercise programs. It was the introduction to many of the posters on the list to the CKD. While some of the supplementation and carb up recommendations have been refined since the book's publication, it remains the most detailed book (to date) on the CKD. The book also contains information on "standard" dieting and the IsoCaloric diet. The book is not generally available in bookstores, but and offer it (as of 11/1999). BodyOpus-354 pages Duchaine, D. (1996). Underground Body Opus: Militant Weight Loss and Recomposition. Carson City, NV: XIPE Press. [HC]

  3. Thanks JG.

  4. No problem.

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