Help please!? New to this weight loss thing

  1. Help please!? New to this weight loss thing

    Okay so here's a little back ground on me. I'm 21 i played football in high school so I used to lift weights but after that I got into drugs and got pretty damn overweight I weighed 250 going in. I went to rehab started back working out and some running and dieting I now weigh 189 which is great from where I was but I still have this extra fat on me that I can't seem to loose I want to get shredded and keep my muscle mass but like I said I'm new to this diet and cardio so if someone could give me some tips I'd greatly appreciate it I will post some pics of what I look like now and try to get one of what I used to look like. And again sorry for being a noob to this.
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  2. And this is what I did look like before rehab lol
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