Intro: I've been doing IF for nearly 8 months now, I really like it and I will probably always eat in this fashion. I love how I feel during the fast and feel that my workouts are actually better when I workout with only pre workout BCAAS. But...I am really interested in giving ADF (Alternate day fasting) a run here soon to lose a little fat I added during my winter bulk (that got a tad bit dirtier than I wanted). I think I will probably continue to do IF but just incorporate the 2 24 hour fasts into the equation. SO, my maintenance calories are roughly 2300 kcal and I am looking to cut about 5-10 pounds of fat in the next 3 months (baseball season starts march 3rd). I have read most of Brad Pilon's website on EAT STOP EAT. I understand that you are to fast from one days dinner to the next nights dinner. But, I am a little confused on the eating during the day following the fast. I will most likely fast on Tuesday or Thursday and Sunday.

Question: 1) what is the amount of kcals that are to be consumed on regular feeding days.
2) should BCAAS be consumed on the 24 hour fasting days if cardio is done on these days? Or is it similar to IF to where BCAAS are only needed if weight lifting during the fast?

My Plan:

-my 24 hour fasting days (Tues or Thurs and Sun) I will eat roughly 600-800 calories at dinner (7pm) following my all day fast.
-my eating day: I feel that I should eat maybe 300-500 calories above maintenance on my workout days. Thoughts? (Feeding period from 11AM-7PM)
-the one day a week (Tuesday or Thursday that I don't fast for 24 hours) I feel that I should eat at maintenance. (Feeding period from 11AM-7PM) Thoughts?

Thanks for any help/insight.