NO product
maybe blood thinner as well

coleus forskohlin

In my limited research Yohimbine will raise adrenaline which would constrict the blood vessels speed up the heart rate and raise blood pressure. Using Proponol prevents the adrenaline from hitting the beta receptor sites in the heart so stops the rapid heart rate but doesn't prevent the Lipolysis. NO product would dilate the blood vessels countering the blood pressure side affects using it in combination with a blood thinner would mean i could get away with a lower dose on all three.

The coleus helps with thyroid production, NAC Tyrosine is also a good precurser to thyroid hormones as well.
Forskohlin raises cAMP, so does ALCAR...

Thinking out loud i could throw in Rauwolscine as this doesn't have an affect on the adrenaline.

Activating cAMP works best in ketosis so perhaps either a high fat diet or some form of fasting protocol.

Any thoughts or suggestions