5 day meal plan

  1. 5 day meal plan

    I workout every day and I'm not trying to lose anymore weight. Does anyone have a 5 day meal plan for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Say A Monday - Friday plan? I'm trying to eat healthy and maintain the current weight I'm at now.


  2. should i come and cook them for you also

  3. Not only it is unlikely that someone is just going to spoon feed you with a meal plan, it is also impossible for anyone to come up with a random meal plan without knowing bodyweight, goals, workout, how your metabolism works, etc, etc, etc.
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  4. I recommend a 7 day meal plan opposed to a 5 day. Its far superior. You should probably start a new thread requesting help with a 7 day plan. I imagine you might be hungry on day 6 and 7.
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  5. You can find a lot of meal plans online and probably even right on here.
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  6. GoogleBro!

    Essentially though, figure out your daily caloric and macro needs and break them down to x amount of meals. Do your own label reading, it'll be good for you.

    If you have no idea where to start, you can google search calculators to give you a general idea as to intake needs, and then make your personal tweaks as you go.

  7. Use MyFitnessPal and make your own meal plan. It makes it really easy to keep track of everything you eat.


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