Can i get some things to read?

  1. Can i get some things to read?

    Iight so ive been hitting gym hard for several months and havent lost much if any weight. Im getting more muscle mass but not ddropping poundage.

    I know i need to clean up what i eat to get it to drop...but i need so help choosing the right things....

    I killed a bunch of carbs for a few weeks and felt so weak and unmotivated, in and outside the gym. Is there a way to drop the weight without having this side effect? Also im in Asia so supermarketshopping is a bit different than my home in the us of a

  2. Needing to clean up your diet can mean different things to each person. WHat is the current diet? post up at least some macros. and food type you have access to buying regularly.
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  3. Re: Can i get some things to read?

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  4. You should not cut carbohydrates from your diet, especially if your goal is muscle growth. Carbohydrates serve as our body's #1 fuel source and are most preferred. Some tissues can only use carbohydrates for ATP synthesis. Protein synthesis is hindered in low energy celluar states. There are plenty of other options conducive to your personal goals. PM if you/anyone have further questions.
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