Help with plan. Cut or bulk? diet okay? thanks

  1. Help with plan. Cut or bulk? diet okay? thanks

    Hello all,
    Height 5'9"
    SW 176 a year ago. Got 168 and had to stop due to tennis elbow. Recently restarted @ 158 on 11/1/2012.
    CW about 153
    GW about 148-150
    Will attach some photos (SECOND IMAGE A BIT SQUASHED)
    Lifting 3x/week
    Cardio 3x/week and increasing to 4-5x/week

    Cardio is typically 60 minutes on elliptical. Only machine I can comfortably use due to flat feet issues.

    1 egg and 2 egg whites, 1/4 cup lite shredded cheese, 1 strawberry chobani greek yogurt, 100mg caffeine, 400mg green tea extract, 1 lifeextension fish oil

    On work out days, I replace the greek yogurt with a cup of oatmeal, with just a little cinnamon and maple syrup added. Sometimes, a few berries.

    5-6 ounces of deli chicken or deli turkey
    1-2 cups of mixed vegetables either self-prepared or panda express veggies
    mustard for the meat
    maybe a small handful of pop chips
    2 lite sting cheeses

    Another Greek yogurt

    Some fish or chicken meal made at home. typically about 500-600 calories, another green tea extract, a multivitamin, another fish oil

    Some extra string cheese.

    Throughout the day I do a little snacking on some plain almonds. Not more than 1 ounce

    Trying to stay under about 1700 calories, in addition to, whatever extra calorie burn I get on cardio days. I also take 1 1/2 scoops of ON Gold protein immediately after any workout.

    1. Does a goal weight based on images, seem like just losing a few more is okay?
    2. Diet okay right now?

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