Get rid of gas

  1. Get rid of gas

    Guys I have had a hell of a time with gas. I had to cut out eggs in the morning because all of my gas all day would kill a mortician. I have tried digestion enzymes, ginger, and the only thing to work is to stop taking whey. It doesn't matter what type of whey I use it is the same. Any suggestions? thank you

  2. are you drinking milk or other dairy products?

  3. Have you used WPI instead of 80% concentrate?

  4. Yes I eat dairy products I have always eaten a lot of dairy. I have tried dairy enzyme pill also.

    I can't afford wpi.

  5. Many people have digestion issues with whey protein. Its not uncommon even with WPI. If your overall protein intake is high the only time you need whey is post workout.
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  6. Well would soy solve this problem? If so where can I find soy cheap?

  7. Any slower digesting protein would solve the problem. Milk isolate, cassein, micellar, soy isolate, etc....
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  8. try a little simethicone with meals that you've found give you the most gas

    you can get it at any drug store

  9. Have you tried regular old Beano or GasX? Not really fixing the digestion problem, but it will stop you from permanent social damage.

  10. I use beano, lactaid, and digest pro with every meal and that seems to have worked pretty well there are sometimes I need to bust out the febreeze and turn the fan on in my cube at work though.

  11. Well it's nice to see that others have the same problem. thanks for your suggestions and keep'em commin if possible.

  12. Sometimes when I do bad food mixes I will get gas too. Like an apple with a good fat food, like nuts, almonds, or peanuts.

    Milk could definitly be a source of gas for many, but I think you have to check the mix you're making in your diet.

  13. Yoghurt has helped me in the past.

  14. Charcoal caps, available at GNC or other health food stores is nothing short of miraculous.


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