Co-Worker needing some info

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    Co-Worker needing some info

    I have a girl i work with that wants to lose about 10-20lbs. She is 5ft and 133lbs. She says she eats about 2000 calories per day, of which are approximatly 59g fat, 300g carbs, 70g protein. Anyone have a diet that has worked for a woman of about similar size?

  2. does she do any cardio?

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    she just started running and I believe she might do some aerobics at home but that is about it.

  4. lower the carbs, up the protein
    and make sure she's eating complex carbs

  5. Quote Originally Posted by glenihan
    lower the carbs, up the protein
    and make sure she's eating complex carbs
    agreed protein is thermogenic and she shoudln't need the glycogen restoration of a man. I woudl say 150 carbs a day and overcourse complex

  6. Carbs too high, calories too high, protein not high enough, fat too high.

    Lean sources of protein, clean fats, and complex carbs with a cut off time of about 7pm. Also tell her to add resistance training besides the cardio.
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    Cool, thanks alot guys. Everyone here at work always asks me nutrition/training questions because I went from 158lbs to 210lbs in a little over a year, however, I really hate giving advice to people that basically isnt my body...I like to just use mine as the guinea pig and I've never dieted once so I didnt want to give her wrong information...I really appriciate it.

  8. what glenihan said


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