Low Carb too Long?

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  1. so if you think it's adrenal fatigue, why have I had love handles for all my life? How does adrenal fatigue explain puberty at age 8? And how can I be 6" shorter than my brother?
    I'm not totally convinced that there isn't a thyroid problem... I definitely do appreciate all your collective input. This certainly seems more complicated than I could ever have imagined.
    2 more days until my (new) endo appt.

  2. im not saying you dont have other imbalances but from what you have explained adrenal fatique could be the cause at the moment which includes thyroid as well. That;s not limited to one hormone here, I would look into the entire system as a whole to get a true picture of what's going on.
    You also may want to look into cellular damage if your glucose has been high and your body keeps making insulin. High insulin tends to do a lot of damage over the years.

  3. Totally. I'm a mess, a 35 year old mess. Hopefully the next 35 I will be living in my prime.

    Thanks for all the insight. Stoked for the 2pm endo tomorrow. I hope he has scheduled a block of time for me.......

  4. Def brotha, you should be in your prime!
    I've helped my gf recover from a similar situation you are in, where a few meals would skyrocket her weight. Through diet, exercise and correct meds got her 3/4 to where she wants to be. Now she can eat normal and enjoy life than worry about her weight.
    It's def possible once you find the right balance.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by threeFs View Post
    Totally. I'm a mess, a 35 year old mess. Hopefully the next 35 I will be living in my prime.

    Thanks for all the insight. Stoked for the 2pm endo tomorrow. I hope he has scheduled a block of time for me.......
    Good luck man.

    Don't forget the more down-to-earth stuff, like vitamins A (50,000 to 75,000 IU/day, half first thing in the morning and the other half midway through the day) and B12 (5000 mcg first thing in the morning, then maybe some little later if you have a particularly long day).

  6. Will do. Thanks again for all your time so far. I will update this evening.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by threeFs View Post
    So definitely a problem here... I've been eating some carbs the last 2 weeks and I'm 212lbs.
    alarming, to be sure, but more normal than you might think.
    this is basically the opposite of what happens when you first start on a lower-carb diet -- normally, most people starting on low(er)-carb, especially first-timers, will drop as much as 10-15 pounds in the first few days.
    see, medium- and especially high-carbohydrate diets -- or, more accurately, the hormonal changes that they produce, insulin and the like -- promote greater retention of water. also, it's possible that you just aren't as thirsty; in my experience, lower-carb diets, by being saltier and fattier, make me want to drink a lot more water. if you are experiencing the opposite when you eat carbohydrates, then that's another reason you might gain weight, since less water intake = more water retention.

    if you really want a controlled experiment, you can always take a diuretic for a couple of days and see whether you piss out most of the weight gain.
    personally i would just deal with it, since a gain of 10+ pounds in a week is obviously not “real” weight gain.

  8. the endo wants an MRI on my pituitary first. He also did an a1c blood test. He seemed like he's leaning towards Metformin. He said the low T4 but normal other thyroid levels may be a pituitary problem.

    and so it continues.

    hard to take medical advice from a 350 LB doctor though. WTF. I think I'm going back to the original endo. He didn't know about any of this when I originally went to get testoserone.

  9. I'm just going back to the only thing I knew worked somewhat. Super low carbs. For whatever reason, any carbs at all seem to have a multiplied effect for me. I'm wondering if at some point in my life I was type II diabetic, just undiagnosed. I guess technically I am not today but it makes me wonder.
    Thanks for all y'alls input. Apparently there's "nothing" wrong with me...even though there really is.

  10. Pituitary MRI today for what it's worth

  11. The email from the endo who looked at my pituitary MRI.

    Very small 1-2 mm area within pituitary consistent with a small microadenoma.
    No other treatment indicated. You should continue on the testosterone injections.

    so this probably explains the early puberty, migraines and vision loss, and love handles.

    awesome. no, not at all.

    so he says no treatment but he also hasn't seen my thyroid numbers. I guess I will show him my thyroid labs and hopefully find a way to lose the fat love handles.

  12. This is my first post in a long time. When I see threads this informative it reminds me how great this forum is.


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