Advice on after bulk cut please

  1. Advice on after bulk cut please

    Hi guys

    I did a 10 week cycle of D-Bols, Sus250/Tren , and gained from 83.5kg to 89kg

    Been off it about 6 weeks now and Ive dropped to a steady weight of 86.5kg - 87kg probably due to some fluid loss

    Im about 5'10 tall

    Ive increased my food intake even more after the end of the cycle because im trying not to loose my gains

    Ive managed to keep most of it

    But now to start burning some fat...

    Im on my 3rd week of PCT , can anyone recommend a good time to start cutting back calories to burn some fat and increase my cardio, and how much calories I should cut back? I really dont want to loose much muscle

    Ive included a pic of myself, as you can see my fat loves to live around my gut to cover my abs

    Also ill give you a run down of what I basically have been eating every day (also I might note, that this diet has only been maintaining since ive had 3 weeks off the cycle but I was growing while on cycle obviously, I was probably eating about 500 calories less while on cycle actually)

    7.30 am:
    3 egg whites 1 whole egg scrambled
    Cup of Oats with light milk
    Protein Shake

    museli Bar
    Beef Jerky
    2 x Protein Cookies ( I made them)

    200-250g of grilled chicken breast
    With either about 100-150g of brown rice or wholegrain wrap tortilla

    Pre-Work out protein shake
    Museli bar (depending on # of carbs for lunch)

    Post work out protein Shake
    Museli bar (depending on # of carbs for lunch)

    200-250g Chicken Breast
    Cup of rice or some oats

    Cup of unsalted mixed nuts

    11-11.30pm (Before Bed)
    Protein shake
    and about a tablespoon of peanut butter

    All these on my calorie count is around 3500 to 3700 calories per day with goals of 120g fats, 320g carbs, 320g protein.

    Id appreciate any advice anyone can give


  2. Maybe I misunderstand... but I thought you said you've been off cycle for 6 weeks, so why are you in your 3rd week of PCT? shouldn't you have started it immediately after stopping the cycle, then continued for 4 weeks? Which would mean, you should already be done with pct.

    Either way, I would advise finishing PCT, then maybe another month+ of stabilized hormone levels before cutting (solidify gains). I tried cutting immediately after PCT, and managed to lose my gains, but I was also very new to dieting and everything so who knows.

    Once you do start cutting, you definitely need to drop calories. My understanding is unless you're on steroids, you won't be able to absorb more than like 250 grams of protein per day, so any more than that will either turn to waste, or BF.

    Google "Ultimate cutting diet" . that dude explains everything perfectly

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