What works out there?

  1. What works out there?

    I do cardio like a boss, and deit is clean and within reasonable limit. Just having trouble getting under 10% bf. There seems to be large disparity between what the company says their product will do and what it actually does... So What has worked for you? Whats the most legit and LEGAL hardcore cutting supplement you know? Trust worthy companies that do what they say they will do, do they exist?

  2. I'm a fan of muscle phams shred matrix and ope is a good one to I lost about 6% body fat on shred matrix

  3. If you're diet and training is really on point, by and large most fat burners are similar enough that you'll see results, I like vpx meltdown as far as otc stuff goes, just look for something with caffeine, yohimbine(or alpha yohimbine) capsaicin, green tea extract (that describes like 90% of whats out there) there are some more novel ones that contain stuff like 3,3-diiodo-l-thyronine, they seem to work quite well.

  4. the musclepham one been hitting the forums on and it seems like the run of the mill. from what I can gather vpx meltdown seemed to be doing some goo work there. I think am goin to put that in my cutt cycle. thanks for the advice

  5. ecy does wonders for a basic effective stack
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