bodybuilding diet/detox diet mini manifesto

  1. bodybuilding diet/detox diet mini manifesto

    Ok, this question is for the mods and people of high knowledge in the vast prarie health and nutrition. I know that 6 meals a day has changed my body type. I know that I must have protein in every one of those six meals. I know that lifting weights has put over 10 lbs of muscle on my body and i love it. I know that cardio and proper dieting guidelines have put my body fat to under 10 percent where I can see my abs. And I also know that to be successful, consistency is the key. These are ideas we all stand by and live by. And I know that I will continue to follow these guidelines for the rest of my life. But here’s where it gets tricky for me, and this is where I need a health and nutrition minded individual to “theorize? for me. Where does cleansing fall into my diet? Should I ever fast for health? Numerous counts of research have backed up benefits of “detoxing? the body every now and then and stop putting such a digestive burden on the GI track to let the body cleanse itself. If any of you haven’t looked into the benefits of cleansing, I’d highly impress upon you to check it out. I want to be able to incorporate this detoxing into my lifestyle once in a while but I am afraid I’d be losing precious hours in the gym gaining muscle and wasting it all on two weeks of a lower calorie cleanse – just to see the muscle fall off me.

    (note: for all wondering, proper cleansing requires one to basically give up the rules of a bodybuilding diet for a period of days or weeks, whilst eating raw foods/juices, and lowering calories drastically to remove digestive burden to allow the body to fully detox the right way. Many will claim that a full cleanse can be done with whole food like meat, bread, etc. still in the diet, but evidence shows that the best way is to remove that digestive burden and let the body switch its gears from digesting, to cleansing).

    I’m going to offer an answer to my own question, but I need feedback. Should we all assume that if we are here to better our bodies and to follow instruction for maximum progress, that the idea of cleansing is completely ruled out? We can’t have both, and we must choose one or the other? What about for people who have benefited from cleansing in the past (me)…and now have incorporated this bodybuilding diet into his lifestyle, and has benefited from that tremendously also? Does he choose a road? Or is there (as they say) a time and a place for everything where one can safely use both for optimal health and optimal body composition? In all the bodybuilding books, Ebooks, articles, and reviews I have swallowed (over 100), I have never once read or heard of a bodybuilder who cleanses. It seems like it would be taboo amongst the top pros and even the fitness gurus seem to have nothing to say about it.

    Well in my view, I think if anything a bodybuilder or a recreational bodybuilder, like most of us, has a greater need to cleanse every once in a while.
    But do the health benefits outweigh the consequences of what we originally worked so hard for; muscle? At all costs I want to keep that hard earned mass around for the long haul…but is there a two-steps forward, one-step back mentality willing to be applied here and put to good use for both optimal health and body composition? Or are we doomed to choose our path? Has anyone out there been able to incorporate both successfully? I would love to hear some ideas, theories, ins and outs of opinion, and especially the thoughts from the mods and the gurus running these boards.
    I hope this has opened up decent discussion.

  2. If you are set on cleansing -- and I don't know of the benefits which it may bring -- there are at least ways to minimize the damage. If your are going to be in an extreme deficit state for days or even a week, yet you do not want to lose muscle, then you might think of using some serious androgens during that time, as well as Leptigen. I don't know of any other product which would be appropriate to recommend as far as what you have in mind. This would let you use your digestive tract as little as humanly possible, while losing much, much less muscle than you otherwise would.

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