happy turkey day- HELP ME OUT my workout & diet

  1. happy turkey day- HELP ME OUT my workout & diet

    Need Some Improvement ?

    wakeup - 12oz water, proteinshake w/0% skim milk "hood"
    Cardio- 20 mins walking incline 3.2 heart rate "129" "170 pounds 22 yrs old, 14.5% bf"
    right after- glass OJ, 4 egg whites one whole egg, 2 pieces whole wheat bread, apple, shortly after 12oz water
    3 hours later- 2 chicken breasts cooked in vegtable oil, 4 large pieces of brockley, shortly after 12oz water
    "back to the gym"
    get home- PROTEINSHAKE w/gatorade, or skim milk, sink water w/e
    1hour later- peanut butter jelly wit skim milk OR tunafish w/e , shortly after 12oz water
    3hours later- steak,fish or chicken w/salad rice 12oz water

    the days im off from working out i walk 45 mins instead of 20
    "should i take that shake in the morning when i wake up on non weight training days?

  2. i am going to assume that you are trying to lean up, so:
    wakeup - I would skip the shake, but some may disagree
    Cardio- go for 30 minutes instead
    right after- skip the OJ, and eat more protein because it looks like you eat about 20g
    3 hours later- you should bake the chicken but if you must fry, use olive oil, it won't break down and turn to saturated fat as much; and since you like broccoli then eat more of it
    get home- make sure you get enough protein; and try oatmeal instead of gatorade for awhile and see how you like it
    1hour later- it would probably be best not to have a lot of fat this shortly after working out; try chicken breasts and brown rice- i happen to like a can of tuna and red potatoes (not together); and the jelly is baiscally a sugar sauce so drop it entirely
    3hours later- this is fine just make sure the steak isn't too fatty

    the days im off from working out i walk 45 mins instead of 20--good
    should i take that shake in the morning when i wake up on non weight training days?--again, i wouldn't

    just make sure that you are taking in about 220g of protein, and don't forget about your good fats

    hope this helps

  3. Yea im gonna drop the jelly and the shake in the morning.
    Thanks DSL

  4. one person?

  5. I agree with what dsl laid out. Here's some of my suggestions.

    right after - add in more protein. Maybe more egg whites, or a shake with water.

    3 hours later- Get a small George Foreman grill to cook your chicken without the oil. The small ones can be picked up for 10-15 bucks.

    1 hour later- stick to a protein/carb meal. A sandwhich using a whole grain bread (rye is good also), no mayo, fat free cheese, chicken/turkey/tuna is good.

    ~Have your Gatorade while you workout.
    ~Make sure you are using brown rice and whole grains.
    ~For some snack ideas get some natural pb, bagels with fat free cream cheese, almonds, jerky.
    ~Fat free milk is good, but keep in mind it does contain sugar/carbs.
    ~Be picky about your salad dressings and toppings. Just because it's a salad, it doesn't mean it's healthy. Otherwise, taco salads with the edible bowls, guacamole, sour cream, and refried beans would be on my list!

    These are just some examples. I'm sure others will share their knowledge.



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