Diet/program Critique Please

  1. Diet/program Critique Please

    Appologies for long post, but im putting as much info as possible.
    Background...m, 5'9, [email protected] 30%bf, 37yo. 325bench, 425 squat and dl.

    I started 2 years ago at 350+, and weak (150 bench,225 squat) Between diet and getting active i got down to 278, but was week and felt horrible. After following couple plans like PHAT, and 531 and eating more i went to 325 but strong. I have used keto and dropped to 300, then coming off im back to 310 (i understand keto#s are skewerd due to water gain/loss) So now for first time i beleive i have diet & program in check but at such high BF its hard to find an accurate bmr. After checking many different formulas i have settled on 2400x1.5 activity for 3600cals for maintenance (5days lifting, 3hiit, 3 walking cardios, and work on feet 35-50 hours). I have taken this 3600-20%to roughly 2800cals per day. I broke this down to roughly
    300g carbs
    225 protein
    80g fat.
    My approach is IF (really helps with appetite control). I hit protein at a minimum, but do not go over on carbs or fats. If i go lil over protein, i subtract from carbs. I am eating much cleaner with main carb being rice, limiting sugar to basically sauce for my chicken/steak and rice (steak sauce, bbq, stirffy sauce et )
    I drink bcaa pre and intra wo, and post depending when i done (eating window is generally 12sh to 8sh. Wlrkout is generally 930 to 1130.
    Workout is PHAT routine, with a 531 lift thrown in (i love the last set when u go as many reps and try to break pr, i use this to keep eye on strength levels)
    Ive cut back on Supps, just protein, Fish Oil, Multi, a pre (creatine, BA, CitMalate,Agmatine are maim ingredients i loom for). Tried clen, sucks and made me hungry, but EC Is great tool. Interested in Gaspari Detonate as i like Dendrobex/PEA. And BCAA ofcoarse. I have stash of guthealth and Slintensity i use occasio.aly also. Thanks for reading my novel, please comment good or bad or suggestions

  2. Looks good man. I'm still fine tuning my diet as well so I'm no expert. If you're making the gains you want, then keep with it.
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  3. This is first time i feel i have the program and cardio down solix, along with solid nutrition plan. Never had both at same time, had tried just to eat better, but wasnt logging it, and didnt pay attention to macros. Now i use a food scale to portion (biggest mistake people make imo is not realizing how much a portion really is) and log every bite of food that i eat on myfitesspal, and i understand IF is not magic, but it does help with my appetite control. I can go without food pretty good in the morning, and for an hour after i workout prettt easy, then i an have couple good sized, satisfying meals up till it gets close to bed time, and then im sleeping so im not hungry then. And ive workef hard to get strength to respectable numbers, so i do.t want to just cut cals and cardio and kill thd strength and muscle i do have. I feel pretty confident with this regime, so just looking for any glaring holes to the plan. I do understand also that the cals may need to be tweeked here or there as everyone is different, bht i beleive 2800 is solid start. I was loosing a pound a week at 3300 so thats where im basinv this from.

  4. I know your a pretty beefy guy but cutting on 300g carbs?? Without breaking down the numbers etc as I'm at work on my phone but why not cut your carbs and replace them with higher fat intake? I'm cutting at the moment and I'm sitting at under 100g carbs for around a week and then I have a big carbup day where I eat around 350-500g carbs to replenish muscle glycogen stores. Your going to have a tough time cutting on 300g carbs daily.

  5. ^this. I've been doing under 30 grams of carbs a day during the week then a carb-up on saturday and sometimes Sunday , basically Keto. Best diet I've ever tried.



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