Cut has hit a wall, critique diet anyone?

  1. Cut has hit a wall, critique diet anyone?

    Ok guys im gonna give major details, first off i lift 4-5 nights a week, upper body lacks intensity bc of recent shoulder surgery recovery, my job is a construction type, sweating and walking /crawling all day..cardio isnt so often bc im usually dead from work as i work 10-12hrs, workout, and sleep 4-6hrs a night, ive cut with clen down to 222 from 242 and now trying ECA stack...meals are like this
    Bfast - syntha 6. scoop and 1 half - about 3 cals
    Lunch - body by VI shake (dont hate) 90cals with 15g protein, and either 1 small pack of tuna or if im starving like a chicken sandwhich with only 1 bun
    Dinner - usually chicken baked or grilled or a big tuna pack
    Post workout - double scoop syntha 6, sometimes add half a chicken breast
    All i drink all day is water or maybe 1 gatoraide, im constantly on the move at work and its hard to find good food thats healthy
    Any ideas how i can improve this? Sorry for the novel..only supps are NO xplode, eca, and protein...ive hit a wall and i figured my diet was pretty acceptable for the most not good with cutting, all i know is bulking, so any info or opinions help..thanks

  2. How many calories total? Doesnt sound like ENOUGH for someone your size. I mean seriously, you dont need to stave to get the job done. Your going to cause your body alot of harm.

  3. Why don't you throw out the shake in the morning and swap it with some whole eggs and greens? It will last you much longer I can tell you that. Especially with your job it might not hurt to have some oats or some potatos with it. It's not like you are sitting behind a desk.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Jiigzz View Post
    How many calories total? Doesnt sound like ENOUGH for someone your size. I mean seriously, you dont need to stave to get the job done. Your going to cause your body alot of harm.
    I agree 100% w/ Jiigzz. I weigh around 150 lbs and probably eat double what you do in a day!! You need MORE small meals or MORE large meals.....or just MORE MEALS!!! You currently weigh 222 lbs, but how tall are you??

  5. Totally agree with the above posters bro. Starving yourself is counterproductive. Work out you BMR, add on your activity factor then subtract 500calories. Start with high protein moderate fat and low carbs then have a day a week where you carbup and eat 500 over maintenance. This day stops your body from adjusting to the lower cals/carbs. It helps if you pre prepare all of your foods so you know exactly what's going in to your body and it's ready to go on a daily basis. Good luck man

  6. Starving yourself leads to more muscle loss then fat loss. It also causes your body to rapidly slow down your metabolism. Not too mention you have sh*t for energy to get a intense workout in. You don't want to eat too much....but you don't want to eat too little either. Slow and steady wins the race when it comes to cutting. Let something like CLEN help you when your at a much lower body fat. If anything, stick with just the ECA stack, clean eating, and a HEALTHY caloric deficit. Your activity level is already good enough to warrant great results. Just tighten up on your nutrition more.

  7. I would add food for sure. Up the meal count and portion it out. 1/2 a chicken breast does not mean jack if you dont know the weight. Is it a 8oz breast of 4 oz, big difference in protein and calories.

    I would eat more carbs, start with carbs give your body what it needs to grow so you keep muscle. Dont lose muscle, its hard to come by. Then eat often keep the metabolism high. Eat protein packed meals and eat portioned meals. Know your crb intake and protein intake. EFA can help out in moderation. Dont go crazy with fats but dont forget about them. Avacado, Almonds, Cashews eat a serving a day of one of them.


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