Whats going pn with weight

  1. Whats going pn with weight

    So started clen, havoc, test and yohimbine stack about 3 days ago and can definetly feel it working (shaking like crazy and sweating) my stats are 200 lbs 16% bf. where things get weirded is tht my diet is 4000 cals with active job and gym, in the first day I lost 5 lbs then the next day I lost another 5lbs Whts happening should I up cals or is this ok

  2. Do you like shaking and sweating? Just bang some meth

  3. Dude quit messing I'm serious I've never lost weight this quick mostly water guessing but when I look at my stomach I can see I lost a lot of fat

  4. I would lower the dosages from the chemicals you are putting in your body maybe. Looking like a sweaty Michael J Fox all day can't be healthy!

  5. Well I upt my cals to 4300 and only losing a pound a day plus it's cold in NE so no sweating



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