confused on clen/eca stack, plz help

  1. confused on clen/eca stack, plz help

    ok ive read many discussions back and forth about boths affect on beta 2 receptors, clen lost its effectiveness after about 1 week, and i kept runnin into 2 weeks, benadryl method the whole time and ive hit a wall since the 8th day, ive read that u can take the ECA stack on the off weeks and still get great results, BUT ive also read that ECA downs your receptors just like clen? so i guess my question is "will the ECA stack work while on my 2 week break from clen?"

    personal experiences anyone?

  2. I've had different sources of clen effect me different ways. Some use ketotifen if not the benadryl method, but also some have very good results with yohimbe. You can alternate between both of those as well, but if your adrenals are just worn out you might need to wheen off the stims for a bit to build back up your tolerance. In the mean time try tyrosine, royal jelly and thiamine.

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