Great Fat loss diet? The Lemonade Diet

  1. Great Fat loss diet? The Lemonade Diet

    What do you guys think? My friend tells me he feels alot better and he's on day 10 and he's lost alot of fat

  2. another fad diet. you'd have to run a gram a week to test to keep catabolism down.

  3. Is this a joke?

  4. Drink lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper in hot water ONLY with no food for weeks on end. HOLY CRAP THIS IS PURE GENIOUS! why haven't I thought of this?

    I think it is pretty obvious one will lose weight doing this. It's called starvation, or nicely put "fasting".

  5. smoking crack works wonders for weight loss too, i hear.

  6. no way dude - crystal meth works wonders for fat wont have any teeth left at the end but who gives a ****....

  7. as with chopping of arms, legs, etc...

  8. Quote Originally Posted by goldylight
    no way dude - crystal meth works wonders for fat wont have any teeth left at the end but who gives a ****....
    touchee, with no teeth, you're more likely to keep the weight off.

  9. Quote Originally Posted by taffer
    as with chopping of arms, legs, etc...
    That's commitment to weight loss right there

  10. I was asking because a friend of mine has 10 days doing this and has lost lots of fat, this is supposed to be a cleansing of the body.

  11. Yeah a cleansing of the body, but not meant for actually fat/weight loss.....May i ask is this friend, female? or male?

  12. they might of lost fat along with twice as much lean body mass, not even to mention the loss of bone density and organs talk about cortisol city holy ****.

  13. Lol, the author of this popular "diet" also has made some WILD claims.

    My favorite is his response to those who question the lack of protein in his "diets" he claims that since protein is nitrogen rich, that we get all the nitrogen and therefore protein from simply BREATHING.

    Incredible that people still fall for this crap.

  14. has anyone read his book?


  15. Protein from breathing? Sweeeet! I can save at least $150 bucks a month on my food and supp bills!

    Like F'ing wow.

  16. That's why heavy high-rep breathing squats build so much mass, duh. You pull in so much air that you're synthesizing protien as you lift. Pure freaking anabolic genius!!

  17. omfg. just read the diet plan. that is the worst idea ever. ****ing hippy dip****.


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