Hey guys. First post here. I had surgery on my leg August 2nd, and I'm just starting to put weight on it now! I have been lifting when I can, but I have to keep the weight relatively low. For example, today I flat bench pressed the 80 lb dumbells for 10 for 3 sets, and while my chest could have taken more my leg couldn't. That's the kind of thing that's been holding me back the last two months.

Anyway, as you can imagine I've put on some fat over the last two months. I'm now able to do a little bit more cardio, and I've started a cutting diet as of Sunday. I'm 200 lbs right now, BF higher than I want it and I'm looking to cut down to 175. I have some Dexaprine V2 coming in this week and I'm giving myself til October 15 to be 175. I'll chronicle it in here. Have to go for now, but more to come tomorrow!