Best Split???

  1. Best Split???

    What is the best split ratio of protein carbs and fat for maximum gains??? I am new to this diet thing. Is ok to just take in 1.5 times my body weight of protein with a low amount of fat or what. Im bulking and want to put on some serious mass.

  2. stick with 40%/40%/20% protein, carbs, fat as a percentage of total cals
    bearing in mind that 1 gram of protein = 4 cals, 1 gram of carb = 4 cals, and 1 gram of fat = 9 cals

    even for bulking i still think this is a good split, and i would recommend at least 2 grams of protein for every lb

    when i bulk i definitely vary from that split, but i know how my body works, it responds well to loads of protein and i don't really put on too much fat, so i don't worry about that too much (i happen to be a complete mesomorph) this will vary greatly with each person

    my suggestion is to figure out your maintence cals and go above that by ~20% and try to stick to the 40/40/20 ratio adjust as required

  3. If you are looking to put on serious MUSCLE mass I would Lighten up on the fat intake slightly and go with more of a 40P/45C/15F. And if the majority of your fats come from unsaturated sources/flax, fish, natty PB, ect you will tend to stay leaner without adding to much BF. I find that on a good clean bulk I will need to actually up my fat intake to reach the %15 percent by adding flax or fish oil.If you tend to gain lots of fat on bulking be sure to add at least 2x45 minute Low intensity cardio sessions a week to keep your self lean....and be sure to bump up your calories with some extra oats those days.

  4. I personally fluctuate (even if only slightly) my protein and carb consumption based upon whether I train with weights that day. I'll shoot for about 1.5 gm/lb bw of protein and carbs on weight days, then 2.0 gm/lb bw of protein and only .5 gm/lb bw carbs on recovery day. That seems to work well for me anyway. Fat is always at about .25 gm/lb bw.

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