Dorian Yates MP

  1. Dorian Yates MP

    Anybody tried the DY MP's?

  2. I guess thats a no

  3. I tried the MRP(<-is this what you are talking about) about 2 years ago and it was average in regards to taste. However, I believe it has maltodextrin as the primary carb source.

    I think there are much better MRP's available. VPX Micellean and Prolab Lean Mass Matrix are two very good MRPs in regards to taste and nutritional profile.

  4. I tried the Lean Mass Matrix, cinnamin oatmeal and couldn't handle it. I can choke down alot but they were untolerable. Have you tried any other of the flavors?

  5. I like the VPX graham cracker MRP(in the individual packets) best out of all the ones I have tired. it has a very unique flavor but I think it is good.

    I have not tried the Instone MRP yet but I have read they taste very good. Only problem with them seems to be that they are thick.

  6. Ill have to try the VPX. Thanks size.

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Neuromancer
    Anybody tried the DY MP's?
    Dorian Yates MBF tastes pretty good.


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