ok, can someone explain this diet bull plob

  1. ok, can someone explain this diet bull plob

    ok here is the story.
    started at about 216 and now down to 206 and 1" off my waste
    im not doing any weight training as my shoulder still hurts.- waiting for my appt with the doc
    but i am doing elliptical, walking, few other things.
    My LBM burn rate of cals is about 2000/day + cardio
    i have been triing to take in about 1800/day so trying to burn about 500+ cals a day

    now i have since been told that i will/have been losing muscle mass, BAD
    cause my body needs that 2000 cals to maintain my body's function and muscle mass
    which is not a prob if need be.(i love to eat)

    2000 (body maintance)
    -500 (burned from cardio etc.)
    = 1500

    so now im below the maintance level again. WTF..
    unless i totally have it ass backwards cause its driving me crazy

    thanks to all who can get this crap in my head

  2. 2000 kcal your body maintence? Seems too low. I'm 190 right now and I eat 3500 to maintain.

  3. i did too but there are a few diff calculations out there.
    i think the one that you have done there to get that much is on total weight or something, if you do it on just lbm 0%bf its really diff.
    this is the one i used.
    BMR 370 + (21.6 x lean mass in kg)

    and to find my lbm i did this one.
    current weight - (current weight x BF%)

    weight 206 BF% on the new dig BF scale we got yesterday was 27% :'(

  4. I've never done any calculations, I just look how my body responds to a sertain amount of calories.

  5. If you're worried about LBM, I personally wouldn't cut without resistance training. Wait till your shoulder heals and you can lift, then get on the diet.

  6. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    I feel the same as DT. It might sound stupid but whenever I have to take time off from the gym I eat normal or even more. My theory is that the extra calories will keep the muscle wasting to a minimal and so far it has worked everytime. Most people it takes 5 to 8 weeks to return to normal depending on the layoff. For me its 3-4 weeks tops. You will put on a lil' fat but you can always burn that off.

  7. cool thanks guys.
    im now starting a little resistance training with very light weights, like for my shoulder 5lb x 20reps. super slow and very strict.
    other body parts are with more weights but not very heavy just in case,


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