My Weight loss Journey so far. Need advice.

  1. My Weight loss Journey so far. Need advice.

    So to spare you all the long drawn out tale, about 4 months ago I ate fast food once, sometimes twice, and I'm sure on occasion 3 times a day. I ate everything under the sun whenever I wanted and as much of it as I wanted. I weighed 251.5 lbs (easily the most in my life) at 5'10 and got winded walking up a flight of stairs. I have a bigger frame, In highschool when I was in football shape I weight 205-215 and had the beginnings of a 6-pack so over 200 isn't too much weight for my frame.

    I decide it was time for a change and started dieting and going to the gym almost every day. Fast forward to now and I'm at 196lbs. My overall goal is to get down to about 185 and then build my way back up to 200 even with lean muscle. I've been taking modern Bcaa, and gold standard whey protein to help me preserve as much muscle as possible, and recently started taking ON fish oil, and ON Opti Men's.

    Currently my exercise routine is lifting weights Tuesday-Thursday-Saturday-Sunday with HIIT (1min sprinting 1min jogging then repeat)for 15-20 min after lifting, and 50 minutes of moderate (jogging) cardio Monday-Wednesday-Friday.

    My diet is usually in the range of 1300-1500 calories with a 40/20/40 Carb/fat/pro ratio. I watch my saturated fats, sodium, fiber, cholesterol, and potassium diligently and make sure the majority of my carbs come from whole grains and fruits.

    Basically my weight loss has sort of stagnated over the last few weeks, and I was looking for suggestions from you folks. I just need some help getting these last 10 or so lbs off. Am I eating too much? Too little? Is my carb/fat/pro ratio off? Am I doing too much cardio? Not enough?

    Any help/feedback is appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance!

  2. Also I generally only take a day completely off (no cardio or weights whatsoever)from the gym maybe every 2-3weeks. Do I actually need days off? Or do my moderate cardio days count?

  3. Eating calories this low every day? Do you ever refeed? I would suggest eating higher carb on your lifting days, lower fats, always higher protein, and low carb higher fat on off days(2-2.5g per kg bodyweight). If you eat low calories every day your metabolism is slowing going to slow down and you are going to plateau on your weight loss. Adding carbs and higher cals(should be around +10% on training days) will not only boost metabolism but also protect your muscle. On your cardio / rest days eat lower cal around -30-35% of maintenace cals.

    Day offs are fine, as for cardio for extra fat loss I follow the intermittent fasting approach, so I usually do fasted cardio in the morning no bcaas, just incline treadmill walking for 45 minutes to an hour.
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  4. Calories seem really too low. If you keep them real low like that your body says **** YOU and stores the food as fat and eats away at your muscle.

    In my experience i slowly reduce calories from my maintenance by about 300 to 500 a week. Usually more like 250 a week to take it slow.

    When my muscles look smaller or flat I refeed with a cheat meal. The cheat meal should have some sort of value but be tasty food that isn't on your menu. I like a burger and fries or a steak. Something with a lot of protein fats and carbs to wake up your metabolism again.

    In the end it's a lot of trial and error till you find what works for your body.

  5. yeah your calroies intake seem really low and your taller than me and I'm cutting at 2900...of course im pretty active



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