Ketotifen Fumarate

  1. Ketotifen Fumarate

    what is your thoughts on the effectiveness of adding Ketotifen Fumarate to prevent downregulation for clen use. I had some buds that used to run super clen and got very good results on longer cycles but how much or what ration of Ketotifen was in superclen

  2. If memory serves me right, super clen contained roughly 10mg. The downside to that much ketotifen is that it can make you quite lethargic/drowsy and very hungry, which sucks if you're trying to really cut your calories.

  3. the hunger thing i definetly do not need, i'm sure 5htp or a natural appitite supressant willl do nothing for that much of an increase in hunger, so i might hold off on the ketotifen( got it free with my clen so nothing is lost), so i'll proably do the usual 2 weeks on and off clen eca, when i start my cut,

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