Lifestyle Change Log - 8/16/12 - Take any help I can get

  1. Lifestyle Change Log - 8/16/12 - Take any help I can get

    Hey everyone,

    After starting my job and creating my everyday work day to a completly sedentary lifestyle. I have gained the worst possible 20 pounds over the past 8 months. 8 months ago i was in the best shape of my life, however had some melanoma spots removed, one thing led to another, and 4 weeks out of the gym led to 8 months out of the gym and absolutely no help from my diet and/or work day. I am pretty much restarting from scratch, however very unfamiliar with the stage i am in. I have never been overweight, and while i don't necesarrily feel overweight now, i do not like how i look what so ever. I am creating this thread as pretty much just a progression tracker. However, like i said a minute ago, i am very unexperienced with my current fitness condition, and would really appreciate any diet input possible. I have never had to worry about my food as i would be working out twice a day and playing basketball and football every single day for college. Now, working full time i dont do anything but sit behind a desk. And i hate it. I was looking into several diets that seemed like they could potentially work, however i am not too familiar with either. I was looking into both the Paleo diet, and Keto diet. If anyone could share some input with the pro's / con's to just better help me choose the most ideal diet. I have drastically changed my diet over the last couple weeks in preperation for a diet change, so i am not cutting myself off cold turkey. I will be posting progress and pictures( not right now as to be honest i cant even stand taking my shirt off anymore), and am always loving to hear any advice and or comments on my progress. My Status currently:

    Age: 21
    195 lbs.
    ~25% BF (or so my girlfriends scale says, which borderline makes me want to throw up.)

    My goal currently:

    6'0/6'1(Just kidding, i know i am not growing anymore :/ )
    175/180 lbs (depending on bulking or cutting)
    <10% BF.

    My History as of 8 mo. ago

    Age: 20
    182 lbs
    8% BF
    Doing 300 workout, along with free weight lifting at the gym(5x weekly and 2x daily) and 0-carb diet.

    So in my past i was extremely fit, or at least i was to my own personal standards. I will update this thred with my progress. I have created my own workout log to track all reps and weight to measure my progress, along with all my cardio with pre-established reps to track my time completed. I am hoping to reach my goal in a safe and healthy time. I am by no means trying to go out and pump 10 pounds out of my body in a month. I am hopefully just going for a 1 to maye 2 pounds a week. Appreciate any support and or input. Thanks everyone! Wish me luck on my totally new experience!


  2. If motivation is an issue why not just try simple substitution? For any of my friends that Hate dieting I just say use simple substitution and make changes slowly, water instead of soda, lean meats, brown rice instead of regular, ya know the simple stuff. All that combined with a sensible workout program ( especially after 8 months off) will surely lead to some good stuff my man. Plus its not like you have to sacrifice it. Much better to test the water and let your body acclimate naturally. This stuff all takes time but then again anything worth having does. Fitness should be fun not a drag, amiright?!

    Good luck dude


  3. Which is definitely one plus that i have going for me, is that i only drink water, skim milk occasionally but nothing other than that. I was just thinking about those two diets only because they seem very reasonable and do able, especially the keto diet since i usually always maintain a carb-free diet, just wanst so sure about all the fat haha. But thank you Crispycrown, definitely appreciate the input, might just continue progressing slowly with diet instead of jumping into a set one right away. Thanks again!


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