Study Finds Pre-WO Protein Increases Fat Loss

  1. Study Finds Pre-WO Protein Increases Fat Loss

    Here is a study that used a double-blind two-trial crossover design to find that supplementing protein pre-workout can increase energy expenditure in the 48 hours following a workout better than having carbs pre-workout. The increased energy expenditure could facilitate reductions in body fat mass and improve body composition if nutritional intake is stable.

    Timing protein intake increases energy ... [Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2010] - PubMed - NCBI

    The one thing I am curious about is whether or not other protein sources would have the same impact as the whey used in the study? Any thoughts? I usually have a preworkout meal of oatmeal, eggs, and an apple. I am now wondering if I might have greater composition changes using a different pre meal.

  2. I think that this effect is the same whether it's from shake or dense protein food sources/
    This study shows how important is to add some of protein before workout

  3. Do you think it'd have the same effect if you were taking BCAA's pre-workout and intra-workout?
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  4. Sure..
    There are some research about taking leucine before workout and the effect of it.
    You should google it up..Lots of good info.

  5. The timing of food has no effect on body composition.

  6. BCAAs have been proven useless as well. I would have to really dig up the studies from my pc to back this, though.

  7. All do respect but BCAA are very effective..
    There's been lots of studies that proves their efficiency.
    Leucine is most important.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Mainevant View Post
    All do respect but BCAA are very effective..
    There's been lots of studies that proves their efficiency.
    Leucine is most important.
    Well, to be frank, if you're consuming enough protein adding bcaas isn't going to make any difference.

  9. Subbed, I want to take a look @ it later.
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  10. Quote Originally Posted by Titration View Post
    Well, to be frank, if you're consuming enough protein adding bcaas isn't going to make any difference.
    I can agree with that.
    But keep in mind than leucine is very important when it comes to anabolic state.
    Adding pure BCAA's before and after workout can be more efficient than protein powder/

  11. I always feel better when I have a 20 to 30g protein drink before and after I train. All other meals are whole food.

  12. No, maybe at activating certain pathways, but not at enhancing MPS. Although, layne has come out with research showing ELITE athletes consuming 5g of leucine between meals extended MPS. BCAAs will never be better at stimulating actual repair and muscle growth than good old whey/mix. Especially when you factor that "most" people have a pre-workout meal. By the time you're done lifting foods from hours ago are just being absorbed and utilized.

  13. I used to do that. Whatever works man, that's all that matters.

  14. BCAA are anabolic triggers.
    There's been lot of studies that show that taking simple BCAA supplements after workout can speed up your recovery and muscle building processes.
    Keep in mind that you always eat post workout meal where u have a complete source of proteins/
    All I try to say is that u dont have to drink whey after workout. Much beneficial would be taking BCAA.

  15. Whey>>bcaas in every single way(no pun intended). Not to mention whey already has plenty of leucine in it.

  16. I agree with this opinion:

    A chat group recently asked me the dif*fer*ence between BCAAs and Whey Pro*tein. The con*text was specif*i*cally rel*a*tive to pre and post-workout sup*ple*men*ta*tion. One mem*ber pro*posed that if you reg*u*larly con*sume whey pro*tein, you don’t need to worry about BCAA sup*ple*men*ta*tion. This may or may not be an accu*rate assess*ment. Although whey pro*tein is packed with BCAAs, a pure BCAA sup*ple*ment may be more ben*e*fi*cial for pre-workout load*ing. Here’s why. As rapidly absorbed as whey may be, its pro*tein pep*tides still take some time to break down into free amino acids. In con*trast, free form BCAAs are “ready-to-go” as they are. Addi*tion*ally, research sug*gests that one needs to con*sume at least 6 grams of BCAAs in order to reap the ben*e*fits of their per*for*mance — sup*port*ing attrib*utes dur*ing train*ing. Glan*bia Nutri*tion*als, a lead*ing sup*plier of whey pro*tein, sug*gests that whey pro*tein yields around 26% BCAAs. Using that fig*ure, a whey pro*tein prod*uct that offers 20g of whey pro*tein (the actual amount of whey — not the vol*ume of total prod*uct in a scoop) would yield about 5.2g of BCAAS. An excel*lent pro*file to be sure. How*ever, con*sid*er*ing the added calo*ries, sug*ars, time for BCAA avail*abil*ity, etc., it seems more effi*cient to use a pure BCAA sup*ple*ment for pre and dur*ing exer*cise per*for*mance. Whey pro*tein is ideal for post train*ing replen*ish*ment and BCAA “flow” through*out the day.


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