Eating schedule n workout intensity

  1. Eating schedule n workout intensity

    I'm 6'1 - 175lbs 28mm (8.5%+-) Need some advice on the below diet. My goal is to maintain in the 170's, but consistently lose body fat down to around 5%. I know it's a constant struggle but wanted any input as to the below diet. Some big questions are when are the best and worst times for consuming carbs and why? Also, what kind of carbs. Why eat sweet potato instead of brown rice at night. From what I have learned, that is a major deciding factor in weight loss.

    Workout - I vary around the 8-10 reps, 6 sets to failure on everything. 30 seconds between each set.
    legs monday - chest tuesday back wednesday - shoulders thursday & arms friday.

    I also walk, incline for a heart rate around 140ish.

    Breakfast. 8 eggs 3 yolk, veggies, 3 small oranges, green tea, cup of oats

    Snack. 100g Plain fat free yogurt, 1 scoop whey, apple.
    Lunch. 1 Can of tuna, cup of rice, broccoli

    Snack. 100g Mixed nuts, broccoli .
    Post Workout Shake. 1 Scoop whey, agave, fast acting carb (powder)

    Dinner. Tilapia (8 ounces), half cup rice, broccoli

    Pre bed. 3 egg whites. Little yolk <----- thinking in changing this to caesin. Had great luck with it and didnt' seem to be very hungry in the morning.

    Your input would be helpful!

  2. Your diet and exercise routine is solid. For me I always hovered around 8% year round on that diet though.

    I had to get rid of all carbs (keto, paleo) to get down to -6bfp. The only time I have any carbs are after a workout bc I train short and intense almost every day and found they help me recover quicker. (I use various combinations of agave, maltodextrin, ff yogart, skim milk) I also IF 4-5 days a week which I find is helping to get more shredded.

    My diet and exercise program was very similar to yours. I enjoyed it for 4 years but I'm a little sick and wanted more vascularity. Especially in the lower stomach. So I switched to keto (replacing carbs with good fats (coconut oil, omegas, cla, avocado, salmon, almonds)) , IF, and HIT full body exercises 5 days a week.

    If your looking for a little tweak, I'd take out the 2nd sweet snack. I can see the need for an insulin spike in the morning and post workout, but not twice in the morning. I like yogurt post workout for the carbs and increase in bioavailability of the whey. I also like cottage cheese 2 percent fat. You could use that for snack 1 or before bed. Caesen could be used too.
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