Plateau Problems

  1. Plateau Problems

    Hey All,

    The description fits the bill. My names Albert and I'm a Cadet with the US Army. I've been snooping around these forums for quite some while but it seems the more I delve into threads, the more confused I get. So Ill just go ahead and state a situation which I would very much like to be changed. I'm 5 weeks into my own program (at which I had started at 178lbs) but it seems the results have stopped. I'm 5'10'' and as of recent I weighed in at 169. My goal is to drop to 165 by the end of august. My workouts are basic army workouts (3 mi runs, 6 mi ruck sack marches, ie cardio), combined with 4 days of lifting. My strength and endurance have increase significantly. However the effects of my amateur regimen (regarding weight loss/mirror images) have stopped and I would really appreciate some advice/new regimen suggestions.

    My diet is simple (50,25,25 (protein/carbs/fat)) yet I feel its ineffective.
    My goal is to cut 5 more lbs in 3 weeks.
    My current use of supplements are minimal (OxyElite Pro & Dymatize Elite (Casine/Whey Blend) Protein).
    Total Caloric Intake: 1740.
    BF: 12%


  2. How long has your bodyweight stayed the same?
    “Obsessed is a word the lazy use to describe the dedicated.” -R.I.P Zyzz-

  3. Most your results will be based off your nutrition. You should look for ways to improve that approach first before looking at your routine.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by epstaneman
    Most your results will be based off your nutrition. You should look for ways to improve that approach first before looking at your routine.
    Exactly this!
    Body composition has everything to do with diet.
    Good luck

  5. If anything, your caloric intake seems kinda low. Maybe your body is switching to "starvation mode."

  6. Try bumping you calories up on weight training days to start, i am a huge Intermittent Fasting fan myself, i also like to cycle my calories by adding a lot more crabs on weight training days.

  7. I would add in another 300 calories on days you lift and maybe drop them back to 1700 calories during rest days. Do not, I repeat, do not drop your protein during these days. I would cut out carbs and fats slightly. If you're truly excercising that much and frequently the fat should be coming off. The only problem I could think of is that you're using amino acids as fuel( you're "burning muscle") deep into your workouts. So maybe for someone trying to take in 2,000 calories at 5'11 and 170lbs it may look like this: 204p/ 55f/ 171c. Also don't be afraid to add in a "cheat meal every week to two weeks. You can also take the approach I take and add in a treat everyday and subtract those calories from the carbs group.


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