Getting serious !!!!!!

  1. Getting serious !!!!!!

    Ok guys/gals I am looking to really start to take things seriously and I really need to get my diet sorted, I don't think I eat alot of crap I think I eat to much and at the wrong times, so was after some real help. I am 35 years old 176 pounds and am 181cm tall. I have lost 51 pounds so far but still would like to lose another 13 to 15 pounds and I train 5 days a week.
    I mainly eat the following:
    Breakfast- 2 whole fried eggs + 2 slices of whole wheat toast
    Snack - 1 medium apple
    Lunch - Left over dinner - could be a small brown rice fried rice or a chicken curry with brown rice or a turkey or ham salad with low fat French dressing or anything along those lines.
    Dinner - anything from brown rice in a fried rice, peanut chicken curry with brown rice, steak with green veg and sweet potato,

    So as I said I don't think I eat bad just need a bit of help in getting it dialed in so I can get to my goal so is any one willing to help me out????

    Cheers Adrian

  2. unless i did my math wrong you are over 6ft at 176lbs! I couldnt imagine you losing more weight, youd blow away in the wind.. whats your goal to be shredded, to gain muscle or to just lose weight( bf will help$

  3. I am 5ft 11 and still have fat around my mid drift and small love handles, not sure on bf% would at a guess be about 13% and would like to get down to about 10% and then from there do a very very clean bulk

  4. Quote Originally Posted by adi13
    I am 5ft 11 and still have fat around my mid drift and small love handles, not sure on bf% would at a guess be about 13% and would like to get down to about 10% and then from there do a very very clean bulk
    first off congrants on the weight loss. thats impressive! I say find your daily mantience calories and than hit below that. I dont have alot of personal expirence on cutting but im sure someone that does will chime in!

  5. Ok shouldn't be so lazy and sort this out my self first and then post up what I come up with i.e my total calories a day and my macro break down so my only real help then at the moment is are there any really good websites that I can find out my daily calorie needs and also what foods have in them i.e fats carbs and protein so I can work out what I need to eat. Also is 40/30/30 ok for weight loss or should I change it????

  6. If you have a smart phone I recommend my fitness pal app. Great way to keep track of your cal and such.

  7. First off. 176 at 5"11 is not overweight. Don't lose anymore weight. That's perfect if not a little light, I'm 6'1" and stay a steady 182-186. I am a fairly large guy due to low bf% and muscle definition. No reason you should try to lose anymore, 51 lbs is amazing congratulations on the hard work! The goal now is to turn it into lean muscle, not just flab. (Please note this is my personal opinion)

    Turn your long cardio routines such as 20 mile runs or walks whatever you do, and make it do sprint intervals at your local football field. Start doing more football drills, put more weight in your hands and get away from the "wanting to lose more weight". Muscle > fat weight.
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  8. Wow impressive weight loss... I'd concentrate on adding in cardio.. Specifically some interval training. Jog/sprint/jog/sprint If you google it or even search on here you can find lots of info on interval training. Only diet mod I might make would be to lower your carb intake a bit. Replace the carb calories with extra protein.

  9. Thanks everyone for the congrates much appreciated, I think I am a little bit hard on my self as I still want more and don't think I have done enough. I think I am going to start early morning fasted cardio now and do it 3 days a week and still do my 5 days a week weights as I do it in my lunch break from work and see how that goes for me. Is it better to do HIIT or modirate cardio fasted. Also I will try and drop carbs and up protein and start taking BCAA as well and see how I go. Also I am starting a erase Anabeta intimidate 8 week stack in 2-3 weeks and will see if that helps.


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