STACKING T2 with T3 ok?

  1. STACKING T2 with T3 ok?

    I am hypothyroid and have been using sustained-release T3 to lower my TSH and rT3 and raise my T3. So far, T3 has been helpful in that regard, but hasn't done much in the way of fat loss, therefore, I am interested in adding in T2.

    I would think it's ok from a safety standpoint since T2 naturally occurs in Armour thyroid.

    Has anyone had success in increasing fat loss and RMR by stacking T2 with T3?

    If so, which T2 did you use, 3,3 or 3,5?

    3,3 is not suppose to suppress TSH, I would think it would be good in my case since it wouldn't interfere with the T3.

    My doc, however, was concerned that taking T2 at the same time as T3 may make it difficult to determine whether the T3 is suppressing TSH or the T2. I told him that the 3,3 version of T2 does not suppress TSH like 3,5.

    T2 has some benefits that T3 does not have. There are some studies that show that T2 can be used as an additive to a T3 cycle, to stimulate fat loss even further, through BAT thermogenesis.

  2. What is your training regime? Also diet?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Krampus View Post
    What is your training regime? Also diet?
    I eat low-carb Paleo and do leangains IF 16/8 for last 6 months.

    On this regimen, I have lost approx. 13 lbs over the last year, I now stand at nearly 19% bf, barely a 3% (5lbs) drop in bf from baseline which equates to about 38% of total weight loss. Thus, I have hit the proverbial wall and can't seem to below 19%. Visually, I still carry too much fat in my breast tissue (even though my E2 is the lowest it's ever been @ 8).

    Goal is to get down to 10% then do a bulk to add 25lbs lbm. No sense in bulking now with 19% bf.

    Current stats:
    Age: 52
    Height: 5-7
    Weight: 168lbs - approx. 130lbs fat-free mass

    My calories are well below my RMR threshold @ an approximate 1400/day average.

    Daily macro averages spread across two main meals:

    Calories: 1400
    Protein: 135g
    Carbs: 40g
    Fat: 75g

    My training is done in a fasted and never a fed state and is never more than an hour. I train 4x's a week + 2 days interval cardio (fast walk/jog) for 30-45 min. on my off days. I take 1 day off and just walk 1.5 mi. I have not noticed any decrease in strength or stamina training while fasting. In fact, I feel I get a cleaner workout as opposed to when I trained in a fed state.

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