a few quick questions regarding cutting!

  1. a few quick questions regarding cutting!

    hey guys planning my cut very soon in around two months I just want to get everything right.

    I'm weighing around 165 pounds (74kg?) a little taller than 5'7 (175cm) at around 15% bodyfat.

    With cardio I wanted to know which out of long distance walking, sprints (HIIT), or just jogging would be best to cut?

    also with calories, since I have extra body fat, would it be alright to eat at maintenance and still lose weight while doing cardio (since I'll be doing more cardio than I do now) or should I just eat less calories?

    thanks guys.

  2. First, you probably dont need to cut at this point. I would add another 10+lbs first.

    Second, if you insist I would NOT do long distance running. Interval training or longer walks at a lower intensity may help preserve muscle tissue while in a caloric deficit state.

    Third, I already jumped the gun there. I would certainly be in a caloric deficit when cutting, but factor in the calorie expenditure from your cardio. When you cut calories, make sure you do not limit them too much; target 500 cals under maintenance.

    Good luck

  3. my ultimate goal was to be around 180lbs but I started dreamer bulking around 3 or 4 months in and just started lean bulking. I've toned out a bit. I also have unilateral gyno on one side and pseudo gyno on the other to deal with so cutting down seems to be the goal at the moment, but I'll stick to my bulking for another two months. thanks for your help.

    edit: and I also said long distance walking not running

  4. Gotcha, if you decide to cut I'd keep the intensity low/mild. May be worth checking into other options to help with the gyno as well. Best of luck.

  5. whether to bulk or cut is up to you and your goals, its hard to calculate cals burned during cardio but its more of a trial error process anyways, 500 below maint is the standard rule of thumb but i for instance sometimes only eat 100 below, depends on how i feel. i would do HIIT cardio....
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  6. thanks for the info guys, as for the gyno I was on nolvadex and taking erase pro now. the lump seems to have gone or its either very small now but the actual fat that I got from gyno still remains. not sure what to do anymore besides try to build my chest and cut the fat in a couple months


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