help choosing diet

  1. help choosing diet

    So lets start with the basics, im 6' 0" and 220 with about 20-25% BF which is hard to tell if you look at me since im tall. Ive always been active my whole life untill a year ago and completely stopped caring about my body and ate ate and ate. Well now im paying for it, Ive gained about 40 pounds of pure fat and im disgusted at how i let myself go but thats normal with any weight gain. My goal is to get down to 190 and be lean and bulk from there. I set my goal for 2 months to drop my weight, then from there 4 months to bulk. i want to take a stack to help me bulk for those 4 months but i know i shouldn't take any bulking supplements now because its pointless if im not in the shape i want to be in (a.k.a me being fat). Ive taken Aplha t-2 and i lost about 14 Lbs in a month easy but im guessing that was all water weight and some fat because i gained it back the next month. My diet during that month was garbage i ate rarely because of the appetite suppressant in it. My diet goal now is to lose weight and do it right so i don't gain it back so easily and preserve the muscle i have already. Currently my body is muscular because Ive lifted since i was 16 and im 22 now but the fat seems to hide it, i carry most of my weight in my gut, love handles and thighs. Basically i need help with a strict diet thats going to shred fat and preserve the muscle i have since im lifting and doing cardio as i drop this weight. Also should i take additional supplements as in weight loss pill to help aid me in dropping the weight and if so which ones?

    Also i know people write cut out the carb and all that but i dont understand a lot about limiting my carbs because i dont know how to portion my food right or whats good carbs and bad carbs etc...

  2. On the same boat in a way , with targeting fat you will hear from many getting your diet straight is the most important thing you can do as well as keeping track of what you take in.

    Like I said Im on the same boat and never thought Id be able to track my food intake, too much of a hassle and didnt feel I needed to...but didnt get no results doing that and after trying one of many easy and free tools out there like the fitday website, it is SO easy to track your intake, fat, calories,protein and carbs etc.. its even a bit fun I gotta say especially when you see yourself meeting your goals.and seeing thouse pounds drop.
    Also Ive learned plenty of water is a good inexpensive "supplement" when trying to lose fat, other than that plenty supps out there for what you are trying to do, im sure the reps will help you out when they get around to.

    A simple search of the web will teach you about good carbs and bad carbs and how much you should intake for your situation...Im still learning myself but Hope i helped a bit and good luck with that.

  3. Just a quick response to maybe help you get started,
    1. theeboz is correct diet is #1,
    2. 40lbs in 2 months??? is a bit aggressive, 1-2lbs per week is a fairly safe number to shoot for, you need to decide what you want to do, it sounds like you want to bulk and you've thrown in a quick cut because it feels like the right thing to you really want to cut?
    3. Diets are like opinions everyone has one, research hard, a good starting place is around 50/25/25% range (protein/fat/carbs) at your weight you don't need to be super strict but you should have a plan with guidelines to get you moving in the right direction.
    4. Find your intake, google harris benedict equation, remember there are 3500 calories in a lb
    5. As far as carbs go research glycemic index
    Good luck!

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