Forgive me for being stupid..but measurements question

  1. Forgive me for being stupid..but measurements question

    Hey folks,, quick question.

    I am doing my measurements as I have weekly since I started my cut 6 weeks ago. I'm down 17lbs and all that so it's going well...

    However something is bugging me. When I measure 1 inch below my navel I keep getting 39'' as my measurement, but I comfortably wear size 34 pants. I'm 6'1'' and 205lbs and don't really even have a gut at all. No six pack but my stomach is relatively flat.

    I was wondering wtf because even when I was back in the military and had a six pack my waist measurement was always about 36.5", but all the "grecian ideal" and "adonis" calculators, and even the %bf estimates based on weight/waist/height ratios says I have like 23% bf right now which I know simply isn't true. All the calcs say I should be looking for a 32" waist...which is a long way from here if this 39" measurement is correct even though my past experiences being pretty ripped (I got selected for BUD/S) have me 4" above that...which 4" is a pretty damn big jump when you're already really cut. I figured maybe I'm doing something wrong.

    FWIW my shoulders are 51.5" and arms unflexed are 16" if that helps. I don't have some bizarrely shaped body or anything.

    Even if I was grossly underestimating my bf% now, I do have reference from a few years ago when I was running 8 miles a day and weight 195 with a 36" measurement (1 inch below my navel).

    Am I doing something wrong? Or am I insane? Retarded? Thanks for any help.

  2. I wouldn't take any notice of the online calculators as everyone's body is different. If you had a 6 pack with a waist of 36" then you will just have a thick waist. The online calcs will also be producing stats for the 'most aesthetic look' i.e. V-taper with a thin waist and wide shoulders and not everyone is built this way.

    If you are worried about it you can always incorporate stomach vacuums into your training plan although I have no idea if they really work or not -

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