Current weight 77kg (~170lbs) / Weight when starting keto 85kg
18%BF (bioimpedence scales)
Goal body fat of 12% at this stage. This will change once I get there.

About 3 yrs ago I was 106kg, heavy drinker, closer to 30%bf and sedentary. Started doing basic exercise and lost 10kg in about 9 months without changing the rest of my lifestyle. Went and saw a trainer a few friends recommended and started following the diet he gave me. Dropped nearly another 30kg in about 6 months.
Even though I got down to 69kg at my lightest (with not much muscle development), I still had a bulge over my gut and it's never gone away.

Have been doing CKD for about 3 months now but have stalled these past couple of weeks.
Food intake is as follows-
3 scrambled eggs
~30g spinach
Drizzle of olive oil

Post workout:
Large shake (2 servings)

Before work:
2 macchiatos

Morning snack:
Small shake (single serving)
4x1000mg fish oil

Miscellaneousmeat (often leftovers from night before)
~30g spinach
4x1000mg fish oil

300g pork shoulder
Misc low net-carb veggies

After Dinner:
Occasionally a few slices of cheese, or a spoonful of peanut butter.

Net carbs are low enough for ketosis and total calories are around 2100. This is almost bang on where most online calculators put calories for 1lb/wk loss (I'm actually pretty surprised how close I was- I didn't add up the calories until recently).

It's my understanding that since I'm not that lean I don't need to refeed as frequently, so I've been carbing up every 2nd weekend. When I do carb up, I have simple carbs in my pwo shake, but rest of the day is complex carbs and minimal fat.

Normal training is loosely Westside/WS4SB based. Occasional barbel complex circuit to finish off, but not that much cardio. High rep work on the morning of carb day.

Any advice/tweaks/criticism would be appreciated. I know at 77kg I should probably focus on gaining weight, but I would really just like to lose my belly fat, as it's been bugging me for a while.