What would be a good bodybuilding diet for me?

  1. What would be a good bodybuilding diet for me?

    Hey, im 17 and looking to find a good diet to help me gain muscle mass but little fat while doing so for football next year as of now. I weigh about 180 lbs and my height is 6' 2" we lift for an hour (circut lifts most of the time)and then run for an hour. we go 4 dys a week from 5pm to 7pm sometimes 730. i dont really know how to schedule my food into that i use protein and casein. can someone help me get a good timing schedule for me on how and when to eat and take the supplements? the reason i dont want to gain to much fat is because id like to start bodybuilding after football and stay lean after football.

  2. Read some threads, look around the site at other peoples questions and responses. You should get a few of your answers.after you do that come back and I'm sure some people will come in and help you out.
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  3. At 17 just eat everything in sight man. Especially playing football and lifting like you do. Put the mass on now you'll thank me later lol.

  4. Check out my log, it goes through my progression for senior year of football.. i can email you my workout if you want.. i have made great gains.. i hope i can help you too.. pm or post on my log whenever you have a question...

    with food, eat everything and eat alot of it.. eat every two hours, throw in some protein shakes... and eat some more

  5. First off, Bodybuilding the website can help you greatly with this.
    However, these are the basics of basics.
    And as a kid who trains intensely, you should not have a problem with fat, as long as you eat (somewhat) clean

    protein = 1.5 * Bodyweight (in grams) 180 *1.5 = 270! Protein stays at constant
    Carbs: 250-300 grams on workout days, 150-250, on off-days. (UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET BIGGER) Bigger = 350 on workout days, 200-300 off
    Whole Grains no enriched or refined carbs
    Fat: Bodyweight/2 (grams) for you 70-90 grams a day (UNLESS YOU WANT TO GET BIGGER) bigger = 90-100
    Good sources: UNSATURATED IS BEST: Avocado, nuts, meat, chicken, peanut butter.
    Casien = Taken at night
    Fast acting whey protein = right after a workout.
    Have fun and search for yourself, this is the best self-help business in the world.



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