Ive been taking phentermine for about ten days now. Never taken anything like it before and im loving it. Never had anything kill appetite like this and allow me to eat such small portions. First question like I said ive never taken anything like this before but I gain really high tolerances to things that ive taken like caffeine/other stimulants and (prescribed) narcotics like pain killers or anti anxiety meds. In the last 2 or days ive noticed ive been getting a little more hungry while taking phentermine. Should I maybe drop it on the weekends to give me some off time so I get the best use out of my on days? Also could I run a low dose of clen with it also? I have no idea how they would react together or if it would be safe to run together so im doing some research on it first. Figured if I could run clen with it it would help a little more when the effectiveness starts wearing off.