shifting no more weight?? WTF

  1. shifting no more weight?? WTF

    over the last 3weeks my weight loss has come to a near stop I was 333 I am now 245 I train 5 to 6 times a week on the days I lift weights I'll do a minimum of 35 mins cardio and on days I just do cardio I'll do 65mins I am taking in about 1250 kcal. I am starting to get seriously pi**ed frustrated about it. if any 1 can shed some light on this I would be very grateful cheers

  2. Perhaps you are eating WAY too little (a serious deficit) and your bodies getting scared and so it is forced to hold on to whatever nutrients you do feed it and instead catabolize muscle for energy and store your other stuff as fat.

    Forcing your body into starvation mode is not the way to do it. Find your calorie maintainence and drop calories by a max of 500kcals, remember the faster you lose weight, the less likely your body will keep it off permanantly.

    With the amount of exercise you are doing, you are burning all (or at least most) of your caloires to perfrom the exercise with little (if any) left over for things like heart, brain, endocrine etc. function. Your body typically (varies obviously) uses around 2000kcals just to sustain life, hence why when people work out they need to eat more.

    I suggest seriously considering changing your diet for the sake of your future health.

  3. How are you functioning dude? You must feel like total crap and have no energy with that many calories! I would and I weigh 155lbs. I would definitely up your cals a bunch.

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