(Background) So it seems I've hit another plateau again - and I'm looking for a little advice to keep the 'ball rolling' so to speak..

I'd like to loose at least another 20lbs. I've tried carb cycling, some form of intermittent fasting, etc. to eventually reach the 80lbs of weight loss.. I've used Mechabol while cutting, Clen, etc.

I picked up some Erase + Dpol @ NP for 4th of July "special" - thinking about running a "clean" bulk, so to speak, or recomp if I can. I've never used these supplements before, and I have always heard of the talk of Erase + DAA = something special..


So I'm going to have a little dental surgery Monday, and was thinking of taking a week off from the gym/diet, let my body recover and hopefully get my metabolism spinning again.

(Question) - during my week off next week, how should I approach this, diet wise? I've been carb cycling - for the most part, most recent. Should I maybe run low carbs all week, high carbs/low fat, or something else?

Which leads to my next (Question) - Following my week off, I am looking to get the weight loss going again - and I'm not sure where to look or what to try next.

1a - should I switch things up, and attempt to "recomp" while using Erase + DAA? I've never "bulked" or eaten above my BMR since I started loosing weight - always been on a deficit - for some 8 months now.

1b - should I switch my diet up again, try to loose a bit more weight, then come at it with Erase + DAA?

My diet - haven't counted calories in a little while, after doing it religiously every day - I kind of have a feel if I'm eating too much. I weigh most everything, and read all labels.

Carbs - been cycling, lately. Been going as low as about 75g, and as "high" as about 200g - clean, mostly whole grain, sustained carbs (potatoes, brown rice, oats, whole grains, etc.).

Protein - usually hit about .75g/body weight - sometimes more. I used to be at about 1.25g-1.5g and didn't notice much difference from .75g to 1.25g, expect saving a bit of money.

Fat - usually low-moderate amounts of poly/mono-unsaturated - and a very small amount of saturated from cottage cheese and low-fat yogurt.

I'm just looking for advice, ideas, suggestions, criticism - the whole nine yards. I know I probably should go back to writing everything I eat down again. And I can probably use some more help with the macros from the more experienced folks here.

Last but not least, I try and get 3-4 days HIIT cardio and 2-3 days light-intensity. I not only do cardio every day for fat loss, but also cardiovascular health..

A long, probably boring, first post, but I am looking for all the help I can get, to get my goals. Thank you for your time!