2 weeks on Clen/T3 - 2 weeks on ECA

  1. Smile 2 weeks on Clen/T3 - 2 weeks on ECA

    Firstly want to say hey all, this is my first post, been lurking for a while. Some great info on here.

    22 years
    5'6" / 5'7"

    Does anyone have any experience alternating a 2 week on Clen/T3 to 2 week ECA cycle?

    I've read plenty on here about the cycles separately and even all at once elsewhere.
    I am wondering if you guys have any advice on the 2 week rotation. Would it be advised to have a couple days break from Clen/T3 to ECA?

    I've not taken any before, I should be starting a 2 week Clen only cycle end of the week, then a 2 week ECA, then onto 2 week Clen/T3 and so on for maybe 8 weeks (when ill be stopping for a couple of weeks holiday).

    Diet & exercise:
    I work abroad on rotations, while I am abroad (which I currently am) I work 7 days a week 7am start - 17:30 finish. Physical work and sat in office. Perhaps 5 or 6 hours out on site up and down ladders with heavyish gear and the rest sat in the office.
    Sometimes after work ill go for a bike ride of 15km maybe 2 or 3 times a week depending on weather and how busy I am at work.
    I also have a TRX system which I try and get on every day working my upper body. My legs are already really toned from work and always seem to stay big naturally. (Always the best runner in school growing up).

    Diet is not too bad. Sometimes ill have something first thing at work (7am), a bowl of corn flakes. Then at 9am a bowl of cornflakes again, sometimes I skip this if I eat at 7am. Then lunch at 12 consisting of a baked potato with tuna and miracle whip. Then lastly dinner at about 6pm consisting usually of chicken (skinless) with mixed veg and gravy.

    Anymore details just ask. Any info appreciated on diet etc. Still not final on my doses of Clen/T3 as I know its all about seeing what your body can take so I will simply start on 40mcg and take it from there.

  2. Not to be mean but if you're eating cereal, your not ready for clen....learn more about diet and discipline.

  3. I'd fix that diet before I worried about clen, personally.
    Don't worry, man, someday I'ma be nobody too.

  4. Some advice?
    My evening meals usually consist of Tuna and Spinach now, loving it.

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