Ok im 32 yers old 6'3" and about 253lbs...as far as bodyfat im unsure. The bf clamp above my thigh shows about 22 percent. I stayed at 275 for a long time and have recently cut down to 253. Havnt been keeping up with cals , just not eating as much. It seems that everywhere i try to get my bmr i get drastic differences so unsure what it is..in 2 weeks or so im going to b running epi for 6 weeks. Im on trt so no pct...

Im gonna try to continue cutting slowly while maintaining muscle.

So question is; how many cals should i be eating on this cycle with my goals And can someone help me with my bmr.. Myfitness pal app shows 2940 as my bmr but i dont think thats right...i have done sev bf test with calibers and most show me around 15 percent fat which i know is not correct. Th caliber test that measures above the hip only shows me around 22

I have skinny lean legs and most bf is around th gut and just fyi i bench 405. Deadlift 520 and squat who knows. Its a neglected lift for me