Coming off Keto

  1. Coming off Keto

    Hey guys, ive been eating pretty low carb, less than 50 carbs a day for a little over 2 years now(went from 240 to 180), with a 2 month bulk of mostly carbs about 6 months ago. Since, Ive gone back to just eating low carb, and having a dex/whey shake after workouts. I dropped about 10 lbs and now ive pretty much completly stopped loosing the last 2 months or so. I tried CKD with carb loading on the weekeneds for a while, but it didnt work for me so I went back to low carb all the time. Im currently 5'11 185, and I just counted up what I ate the other day and im eating around 1600-2000 cals a day and training 3x a week right now(change up every 3 weeks). I just started reading about the carb cycling and was wondering if it has worked out for anyone coming off KETO. I want to eventually get back to a more normal balanced diet and this seemed like a good approach. Any links or info would be awsome.

  2. Can't speak to carb cycling, however I can tell you not to simply dump carbs into your diet. Your metabolism will need time to adjust to a higher level of carbs. Do it slowly, over the course of several weeks. After this is done then make whatever changes you feel you need to do. If you dump carbs right back in you'll simply get fat.

  3. im doing carb cycling, i never did keto though...
    its working great though!

  4. what im doing is eating 2 or 3 clean carb meals that will add up to 1 lb per lb of body weight on training days. The meals will be timed around my workout. And on non training days I just eat low carb. Im going to do this for a while, and then begin to introduce the high carb day once my body has gotten used to a few carbs. Then see how it goes from there. Last time i bulked i just reintroduced a carb based diet after being low carb for about a year. I did gain muscle, but along came the fat also. Im still trying to loose some lbs. but I also want to get some carbs back into my diet for health reasons.

    Tafer- what kinds of foods do you eat. The diet food list didnt include nuts, or cheese, or milk. Im assuming FF milk is okay becasue fiber 1 cereal is, but im not really sure. If you have the time, please post what you normally eat.

  5. if you are refering to twin peak's article, for my carb sources i just have oats, sweet potato, sometimes peas, corn and rice, however oats are like a mega-staple in my diet, i go through so many oats! (although i can never get enough sweet potato!)

    as for milk/dairy, this is a good oppertunity for you to cut it out for a while, some people have a mild intollerance to milk, even though they dont realise it, it may not be as bad as a full on lactose intollerance, but it will still place stress on your immune system, and any extra stress can wreak havoc! so try cutting out dairy for 4-5weeks and see how you feel, personally, i feel leaner, and less bloated, its always good to TRY these things, just to see, i mean its only 4-weeks and it could benefit you alot!

    oh yeah as for my other food sources
    lean protein = chicken, kangaroo, tuna, whey...
    higher-fat = beef, eggs (2whole-5whites) or sometimes just lean protein + some peanut butter
    and i supplement with 8-12fish oils a day

  6. thanks man, I appreciate the reply

  7. I don't think I could ever eat less than 85 grams of carbs a day.

  8. Am I too old - didn't Keto ride beside the Green Hornet?

  9. go to and search for how to get off of keto. With increased insulin sensitivity and a craving for carbs like none other, if you don't do it right you're looking to gain about 10-25+ lbs (a lot of water weight, but a lot of fat) if you simply end a keto diet without proper measurements. (I gained 27 right after coming off of keto)

  10. Quote Originally Posted by wheystation
    Am I too old - didn't Keto ride beside the Green Hornet?

    That was Kato see

    and I don't mean Kato Kalin....that was the OJ era

    ..............guess I'm old too


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