Advice on my diet

  1. Question Advice on my diet

    I will be taking the following

    Alpha T2
    Green Mag Creatine

    Either working out in AM: 4am
    Pm after work 5:30pm (just depends on the day)


    AM- Post workout or first meal - Protein shake (25gram pro, 125 cal 2 carbs 0 sugar)
    Snack (9:15am) - 1 Can tuna mixed with small amount spicy mustard
    Lunch (11:30-12:15 time frame) - Protein shake (50 gram pro 250 cal 4 carbs 0 sugar)
    Snack (1:45) - 1 Can Tuna with small amount spicy mustard
    Pre workout (If PM lift, or later snack ) Shake or tuna/chicken/rice cake with small amount PB
    Dinner - Chicken breast, steamed broc.

    Im trying to lean out but still preserve some mass. I need input, advice and personal thoughts, do's and dont's

  2. I think it doesn't look to good and here are my top 3 problems with it, 1. to many cans, 2. not enough green and 3. AM deprivation
    1. Your going to get sick of tuna and you should have more real food, tuna is handy and easy by 2-3 meals is a bit much imo
    2. You need more vegetables, one serving of broccoli a day is not nearly enough
    3. Whether or not to work-out in fasted state can be argued but only 25g of protein post-workout? IMO your first meal should be one of your largest and most protein rich meals and a good time for some good carbs like oatmeal.

  3. Ok thank you I forgot to mention I use powder greens in my shakes, and I used to be 317 and ate tune religiously to lose my weight till 180 lbs today

  4. Tuna is ok, not as good as fresh food, but it would be in your best interest (and sanity) to mix it up, nice job on the weight loss do you know what your bf% is now?

  5. I've heard 15%? I have extra saggin skin which is such a kick in the sack but it's a reminder I guessName:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1341949166.649167.jpg
Views: 72
Size:  77.8 KBthe first photo is one I cut hard, low cal low pro (stupid) lots of Fruits and veggies.
    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1341949216.645145.jpg
Views: 74
Size:  64.4 KBsecond is current composition, put on 5 lbs since first photo (178 lbs) now im around 183-184 Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1341949291.629915.jpg
Views: 72
Size:  20.0 KBlast is what I was. 317ish

  6. ***15% when I was cut up the most first photo

  7. Definitely would work on food choices - more veggies. I'd work on finding a variety of nutrient sources to fill out your macros (whole foods - unprocessed, real food)

    Check out LeanGains - or intermittent fasting (IF). It's taken a lot of the fuss & counting out of my dietary decisions - plus I'm still losing fat/gaining muscle

    From the photos, it looks like you've been doing a good job losing pounds so far. Honestly, if you haven't reached a plateau with your weight loss, I'd hold off on the fat-burners until such time - keep hitting it hard & then once you see your progress stall - then shake things back into action with supps -

  8. Ya I hit platue while ago lol. I've been using various burners cycling. I tried lea gains made me an ******* I was always just mentally pissed off from no food. I fast from 7pm until 9am ( besides shake am)

  9. What about carbs?

  10. what about greek yogurt? thoughts? to work in for breakfast or post workout?

  11. It's too bad leangains bothered you like that. I've never felt better. Breakfast usually makes me hungrier, so fasting overnight until lunch seems to be the ticket for me.

    For carbs, since I've been trying to work leangains into my lifestyle, I try to cycle them - higher on workout days & low on off days.

    Personally, I really like greek yogurt - higher protein & less fat than normal yogurt. I go for plain on my off days, maybe a few almonds. then through a bunch of fruit & maybe some oats or granola on my workout days

  12. I just couldn't feel good lean gains from 7pm until 11am, working out in am like I did and only having a shake. I completely understand people say its mental battle but it's also quality of life in my eyes if im irradiated then it does me no good. I liked the Greek yogurt but strayed away from because after speaking with people was told diary has enzyme which can actually promote fat.

  13. I've tried low carb, cycling etc. I know how to drop pounds but overall dieting to recomp or just solid diet in general im very new to.


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